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If your web browser is Internet Explorer 9 or older, use the "Former Official" button to the left.
To access individual maps "directly" just add the Assessor's map book and page number (including leading zeroes, if applicapable) in the format XXX-XX.pdf (example: add 095-01 for book 95, page 1) to the following in your web browser's address bar and click go: http://maps.tularecounty.ca.gov/
Example: http://maps.tularecounty.ca.gov/095-01.pdf
If a web page appears blank or all white, your web browser will not support the new webmaps, please either click on the "Former Official Map" button, "individual page links", or to access the maps directly, use the example as listed above
These map pages work best on a high-resolution, wide screen monitor. If a page doesn't fit entirely you can pan (while holding down your left mouse button, move your mouse) to see the rest of the page, or you may zoom out (CTRL button plus the - button on the numpad). CTRL plus + button will zoom in

"Maps by Geography" works best with the web browsers, Firefox & Chrome. Microsoft Edge, Safari & Internet Explorer Versions 10 & 11 also work.

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